Spring Brick Dedication 2016

Spring Brick Dedication 2016

21 new bricks… that is a hard number. 21 newly bereaved families who (hopefully) felt comforted and supported today when their loved ones names were read in our Spring Brick Dedication at the Angel of Hope in Maple Grove, MN.

When we send out the invitations for the brick dedications to the families who have a new brick at the Angel of Hope, we don’t ask for an RSVP. How could we? Newly bereaved families typically don’t know if they will be able to attend something so emotional in advance. Each day is unique. We know that oh too well. So we send out the invitations and are amazed at each event the number of people who attend! Today there were around 100 people there! It takes strength to come. To be vulnerable with strangers is not easy. Today we saw lots of love and compassion. Many bereaved parents had the support of their family and friends in attendance. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Others are helping you through these days.

Today we had the good fortune of having Jack Cassidy sing, “Amazing Grace” during the service. He has been volunteering his time and his beautiful voice with our group for six years. He has a gift and he will be going to college in the fall. We are thankful to Jack and his family!

If you know someone who would be interested in purchasing a brick at the Angel of Hope, please click here. Bricks are placed in the spring and fall each year.

Click here to link to our Facebook page with more photos from the event. If you took photos or video of the event, feel free to share your photos on our Facebook page too.

Angel of Hope Spring Brick Dedication 2016